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B1 Reflection

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ModulesUnderstanding | Exploration | Examples | Invitation | Reflection


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Select one of the following questions:


  1. In the section "Understanding" the statement is made:

    "Just about any strategy can be differentiated. What can make the processes effective is if student need is thoughtfully considered during the planning process." and

    "The most effective and efficient methods are the ones planned during the lesson development, when student needs data can be evaluated and incorporated."   

    How do these statements capture the difference between effective and poor differentiated instruction implementation?



  2. In the section "Examples" many strategies were presented in context of DI Components and Learning Components. How does the Learning Matrix help your planning for differentiation that will support student achievement?


  3. Based on your exploration, learning, and increased expertise from this module, what will be your next steps for implementing Differentiated Instruction?

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